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  • Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain by Yann Thiersen

  • Theme from "The Persuaders" by John Barry

  • Gladiator-Suite by Hans Zimmer

  • Theme out of "Rocky" by Bill Conti

  • "The Comedy of Error(z)" - Ballet at Theater Basel - Music by Martin Slattery and Antony Genn


  • Paradise Reloaded by Peter Eötvös (Schott Edition 2013)

  • The golden Dragon by Peter Eötvös (Schott Edition 2014)

  • Vevier by Peter Eötvös (Schott Edition 2014)

  • Senza Sangue by Peter Eötvös (Schott Edition 2015)

  • Ballade by Peter Eötvös (Schott Edition 2015)

  • Oratorium Balbulum by Peter Eötvös (Schott Edition 2015)


  • Hard to Starboard by James Horner (Film „Titanic“)

  • Theme from „Hill Street Blues“ by Mike Post

  • Theme from „Hawaii 5-0“ by Morton Stevens

  • Theme from „Murder She Wrote“ by John Adison

  • Theme from „Perry Mason“ by Fred Steiner

  • Theme from „The Persiuaders“ by John Barry

  • Zoosters Breakout by Hans Zimmer (Film „Madagaskar“)

  • The Thief by Howard Shore (Film „Hugo Cabret“)

  • Broulliard I by Georges Delerue (Film „Jules et Jim“)

  • Broulliard II by Georges Delerue (Film „Jules et Jim“)

  • Confession by Georges Delerue (Film „Jules et Jim“)

  • Thema zu „Bonanza“ by David Rose

  • Going The Distance by Bill Conti (Film „Rocky“)

  • Summer ’78 by Yann Thiersen (Film „Goodbye Lenin“)

  • Preparations For The Last TV Fake by Yann Thiersen (Film „Goodbye Lenin“) 

  • The Princess pleads... by James Horner (Film „Braveheart“)

  • Main Titel, End Title by James Horner (Film „The name of the rose“)

  • Scenes - „James Bond - Skyfall“ by Thomas Newman

  • Main Title by P. Buckmaster (Film „12 Monkeys“)

  • Peter Does His Worst by P. Buckmaster (Film „12 Monkeys“)

  • Dreamers Awake by P. Buckmaster (Film „12 Monkeys“)

  • Punch and Judy Polka by Henry Mancini (Film „Charade“)

  • Pie In Your Face Polka by Henry Mancini (Film „The Great Race“)

  • Main Title by Henry Mancini (Film „Charade“)

  • Golden Girl by John Barry (Film „Goldfinger“)

  • Chateau Flight by John Barry (Film „Thunderball“)

  • Switch The Body by John Barry (Film „Thunderball“)

  • Main Theme by John Barry (Film „King Rat“)

  • Bond Smells A Rat by John Barry (Film „Diamonds Are Forever“)

  • A Man Alone by John Barry (Film „The Ipcress File“)

  • Main Title by Krzysztof Komeda (Film „Dance of the Vampires“)

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